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Events& Cooperations

Whether as a culinary highlight as a guest chef at your event or as a cooperation partner - Sandra and her team are always happy about new partners for a cooperation:

For inquiries please contact

Past events in

Rolling Pin "Die Jungen Wilden entern den Salon Marie", Graz

Falstaff - Food Zürich, Zürich

Falstaff - Jaguar & Landrover, Innsbruck

Hotel Nesslerhof, Großarl

Rolling Pin Jurymitglied Vorfinale "Junge Wilde 2022"

Rational AG - Rolling Pin Convention, Graz

Wine & Partners, Volksgarten, Vienna

John Petschinger, Culinary meets Art, Vienna

Rolling Pin Jurymitglied Vorfinale & Finale "Junge Wilde 2021"

Naked Kitchen, Weltmuseum, Vienna

Fairtrade, Erste Campus, Vienna

Naked Kitchen, Circle, Innsbruck

Koppert Cress, Monster (NL)

When no
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