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Guest Chef Events

Sandra is happy to support special events for culinary highlights: be it for a company event, an opening, a new product presentation. Sandra and her team are looking forward to working with you.

For inquiries, please contact us by email
Past events in

Rolling Pin "Die Jungen Wilden entern den Salon Marie", Graz

Falstaff - Food Zürich, Zürich

Falstaff - Jaguar & Landrover, Innsbruck

Hotel Nesslerhof, Großarl

Rolling Pin Jurymitglied Vorfinale "Junge Wilde 2022"

Rational AG - Rolling Pin Convention, Graz

Wine & Partners, Volksgarten, Vienna

John Petschinger, Culinary meets Art, Vienna

Rolling Pin Jurymitglied Vorfinale & Finale "Junge Wilde 2021"

Naked Kitchen, Weltmuseum, Vienna

Fairtrade, Erste Campus, Vienna

Naked Kitchen, Circle, Innsbruck

Koppert Cress, Monster (NL)

When no
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